Stage Work

Below are some short descriptions and pictures of the theater productions that I have acted in. Contact me for more details!

WVL Radio Theatre Presents: It’s A Wonderful Life

Produced by The Immediate Theatre Project (2021)

Directed by Willie V R Repoley

Character: Mays et al

I had a blast performing in this East Coast tour (performing in multiple venues in nine different states) with the North Carolina based Immediate Theatre Project! In this staged radio play, I voiced over 17 characters, allowing me to continue to grow my skills at playing multiple characters. It was such a gift to round out my year with a tour that allowed me to focus on my vocal performance more than I’ve had the chance to previously.


Produced by Iron Crow Theater (2021)

Directed by Ann Turiano

Character: Mark

I had the gift of performing in Robert O’Hara’s Mankind. This edgy, hilarious, endearing, and absurd piece explores a range of topics – from abortion to religion! Some reviews are listed below:

“Johnson portrays a himbo with a soul, projecting the cocky air of Glenn Howerton while allowing his vulnerability to shine through as well… Stirred into this mix is a hefty macho protein-shake scooper of the chest-thumping “clueless bros” chemistry found in early-’00s stoner hits like Dude, Where’s My Car? and Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Not just any duo can make that sort of thing watchable, let alone memorable. These two definitely complement each other well.” Theatre Bloom

“Jake Stibbe (Jason) and Max Johnson (Mark) could easily be caricatures but they resist… They make smart acting choices that guide us a little bit easier through the absurdity of their world.” MD Theatre Guide

Spies 2

Produced by Imagination Stage (2021)

Directed by Strother Gains

Character: Stealth

Using a combination of filmed scenes and live performances, this piece by Imagination Stage seeks to engage children in a variety of ways to encourage them to interact, enjoy, and celebrate live theatre! I loved getting the chance to work with Imagination Stage and hold a very special place in my heart for the group of folks that made this innovative production happen!

Check out the trailer to the left!

Olney National Players Tour 72

Produced by Olney Theatre (2021-2022)

Directed by Danielle Drakes (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and Christopher Richardson (A Raisin in the Sun)

Character: Bottom (Midsummer) and Lindner (Raisin)

I spent seven months touring the US with Olney Theatre’s National Players Tour 72, which was the first majority black tour in the National Player’s history. We performed in 23 states, and traveled through a great deal more. In addition to performing the roles of Lindner and Bottom, I also was one of the assistant master electricians and the Covid Safety Manager. In many of the places we toured, we also taught a variety of education workshops, allowing me to continue to grow my expertise as a teaching artist.

Olney Theatre describes the National Players as “a unique ensemble bringing innovative theater to communities large and small across the United States. Founded in 1949, National Players stimulates youthful imagination and critical thinking by presenting classic plays in invigorating ways for modern audiences. National Players is the hallmark outreach program of Olney Theatre Center, a Helen Hayes Award-winning theatre in suburban Washington, DC. “


Directed by Samantha Ozeas

The Off-Broadway world premier of Intentions, by Allison Svagdis, would have opened in August, 2021 as part of the SheNYC theater festival (described as “the city’s premiere festival showcasing the new, original works of women writers, composers, and directors.”) This piece follows “a young woman who struggles to find her happy ending when trouble from her past keeps resurfacing. After a traumatic sexual assault experience as a teen, Girl tries to move forward but college, boys and herself get in the way of coping.” Unfortunately, due to complications around COVID, the premier of this piece was cancelled right before it would have gone up.

Character: A

Produced by the SheNYC Festival, at the Connelly Theater in NYC (2021)

Sudden Adverse Effects

Directed by Noah Silas

The world premier of Sudden Adverse Effects, by Derek Lee McPhatter, opened in May, 2021 as Rapid Lemon Production’s first onstage performance since the pandemic started. This piece opened with resounding positive reviews, as can be seen in the adjacent photos.

“Johnson is well cast in this role and gives a terrific, intense performance …”  In “Backstage Baltimore,” May 10, 2021

“Many theaters locally and nationally should take note . . .  of [this] fascinating play . . Max Johnson lets Brandon cross the line, as the only male and only white character, into possessiveness and entitlement.”  In “DC Metro Theater Arts,” May 11, 2021.

Character: Brandon

Produced by Rapid Lemon Productions, at the Motor House Theater in Baltimore (2021)

Next Time

Directed by John Ertman and created by Evan Neiden

Next Time is a deeply experimental, one person performance which occurs entirely over the phone with a single audience member. This piece is rooted in empathetic, collaborative improv and innovative storytelling. Recent reviews include:

“a laugh riot in sound and synchrony” – HorrorBuzz

“a playful, heartfelt journey of self-reflection” – Immersed

“twisted and surprising / what surfaces about yourself over the course of the exchange may surprise you.” – The Theater Mirror

Next Time was performed in October 2021 – January 2022, but will be performed again in the future. Check out this link for more reviews and a chance to see the rest of Candle House Collective’s work

Character: Caseworker

Produced by The Candle House Collective


Directed by Brandon Rashad Butts

A new play written by Jennifer Jones Persechino produced in an all-audio format online.

Character: Teddy

Produced by the 4208 Group (2020), as part of the 10-Minute Taste Festival

Trofast Sigyn

Directed by Andrew Watring

Character: Voice

Trofast Sigyn, an all audio radio play, was produced by the Pomegranate Room as part of The Echoes festival,. Pomegranate Room describes this festival as being, “inspired by Persephone, this festival of audio plays will focus on telling stories from mythology and folklore: particularly those of women, trans, and non-binary mythological figures, BIPOC cultures, and inversions of accepted race and gender norms within classic mythology stories.”

Produced by the Pomegranate Room (2021)

Mr Burns, A Post Electric Play

Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Character: Matt/Homer

Produced by the Wesleyan University Center for the Arts (2018)

The Laramie Project

Directed by Eddie Torres

Multiple Roles (Sgt. Hing, Matt Galloway, Greg Pierotti, Rev. Fred Phelps, Andrew Gomez, Bill McKinney, Mormon Home teacher.)

Produced by the Wesleyan University Center for the Arts (2019)

Life is A Dream

Directed by Shira Milikowsky

Ensemble Member

Produced by the Wesleyan University Center for the Arts (2018)


Directed by Mariana Baidon Carrillo

A new work, performed entirely on zoom!

Character: Seb

Produced by UTEP Ensemble “Play Parade” (2020)

Circle Mirror Transformation

Directed by Ramsay Burgess

Character: Shultz

Produced by Second Stage at Wesleyan University (2017)

Burying Gertrude Berg

Directed by Maggie Rothberg

Multiple Characters

Produced by Second Stage At Wesleyan University (2017)


Directed by Alyssa Rose Domino

Character: Ken

Produced by Second Stage At Wesleyan University (2017)


Directed by Annie Kidwell

Character: MacDuff

Produced by Second Stage at Wesleyan University (2019)

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