Film Work

My reel can be viewed here. Below are some stills and posters from my recent film work.


In the later half of April 2023, I flew out to CA to work closely with Zack on this mainly one man found footage horror film. Over the course of several weeks we shot on locations all over California and Arizona to put this feature together. It was a gift to get to collaborate so closely with Zack and to work on this shoot as both an actor and producer.

Directed by Zack Kampf

Produced by Outlaw Dawn Productions

Missing You

Missing You, filmed in mid August, gave me a lovely chance to deeply dive into a character, as I was the only character onscreen for the duration of the short. Dalton describes the film as: “Set in the suburbs of Arlington, VA in early summer 2020 – during the start of civil unrest in DC – a somber man struggles to get over a woman that he was never that close with. Concurrently a news report plays over describing a local DC man’s participation in a Black Lives Matter march.”

Directed by Dalton Okolo

Produced by 1108 Productions

Starring Max Johnson.

Souls of Black Pebbles

This fantastic project wrapped in February 2021. Director and writer Anthony Green describes it as “a gay horror film about the fear of black bodies, transgenerational trauma, and sexual soul ties.” It was a gift to be part of the cast that brought this beautiful piece of work to life! This production can be found on ielevate platform.

Directed by Anthony Green

Produced by Caged Birds Productions

Starring Derwin King with Max Johnson, Michael J. Mainswaring, and Theodore Alexander. 

Check out the trailer here.

Dark Waters: Recall

Recall (filmed November, 2020) is a wonderful story that deeply explores the sickening reality of rape culture by upending the traditional story structure of a horror movie and finally giving the antagonist his just deserts…

Directed by Kadesh DuBose

Produced by 93rd and Harvey Productions

Starring Max Johnson with Sara Moustaid, Chris Brian, Lauren Brinee, and EmmaLou Hébert.

Check out the trailer for the Dark Waters Anthology (including Recall) here


Finalist in the 2020 Lift-Off Global Network Genre Lab Online Film Festival.

Participant in the 2021 Huhezinema Film Festival.

A retelling of Basque mythology, in which I play a witch hunter attempting to capture a magical witch with duck feet. However, in a reversal of the classic story, this hunt does not go well for the hunter…

Directed by Laura Perez Maquedano

Starring McKenna Parsons and Max Johnson

Boiling Point

A short film in which a couple’s relationship is strained beyond repair.

Starring Capri Gehred-O’Connell and Max Johnson

Directed by Jack Warren


The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, retold in a music video. I play the God of Death.

Starring Amira Leila S. and Alex O’Shea with Max Johnson

Directed by Jack Warren

Song written and recorded by Olivia and Katie Lopez


A short film in which a woman just can’t stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend.

Starring Capri Gehred-O’Connell and Max Johnson with Vianca Perez and Leon Ristov

Directed by Stephanie Okun

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